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Orchestrate (by Paperade AI)

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R&D and Innovation Teams

R&D and Innovation Teams

Orchestrate offers a range of features including a knowledge graph-based patent search engine, a centralized innovation dashboard, real-time monitoring, and collaboration tools.

Comprehensive Ecosystem Mapping

Go beyond data points with interactive, visual ecosystem mapping tool that helps R&D teams understand the relationships between key players, technologies, and markets.

Identify gaps, opportunities, and potential collaboration partners, streamlining the innovation process.

Predictive Analytics

Advanced AI/ML algorithms simulate and evaluate various innovation strategies and their potential impacts on the market.

We help organizations to better anticipate future trends and make more informed decisions about their innovation investments.

IP Valuation & Monetization

Evaluate the financial value of your IP assets, taking into account factors such as market potential, competitive landscape, and projected revenue streams.

These critical insights support strategic decision-making around licensing, partnerships, or sale of IP assets.

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