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Paperade AI is an innovation intelligence platform leveraging millions of academic papers and research studies for actionable insights on commercial use cases and market opportunities.

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Our advanced solutions bridge the gap between research and real-world impact, empowering you to unlock hidden opportunities and excel in today's fast-paced, competitive landscape.

Unlock the full potential of academic research and transform it into real-world impact with Paperade AI.

We empower individual innovators and organizations with next-generation tools and insights, driving transformative growth and lasting success.

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Academia & Research Institutions

Discover the Commercial Potential of Your Research

Unearth untapped market opportunities within your academic research and propel your findings toward real-world applications.

We collaborate with university technology transfer offices to streamline the commercialization process.

Business & Market Innovators

Drive Business Growth with Research-Backed Strategies

Leverage the power of Paperade AI to identify industry trends, assess market potential, and evaluate the competitive landscape.

Empower your R&D, corporate strategy, and business development with actionable insights.

Professional Services & Consulting

Enhance Your Service Offerings with Advanced Research Analysis

Supercharge your consulting and advisory services with Paperade AI's cutting-edge research analysis.

Stand out from the competition by delivering tailored, data-driven insights to your clients.

Investors & Financial Institutions

Invest in the Future of Innovation

Uncover promising investment opportunities by tapping into the wealth of knowledge within academic research.

Use Paperade AI to identify high-potential startups and groundbreaking technologies with commercial promise.

Government, Non-Profit, & Public Policy

Maximize the Impact of Your Research Funding

Allocate resources more effectively by using Paperade AI to assess the potential real-world impact of research projects.

Shape public policy and drive societal progress with data-driven decision-making.

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Search. Discover. Innovate.

Paperade AI.

Search. Discover. Innovate.